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Home Additions and Remodeling Services in Turbeville, South Carolina

Sometimes an occasion or time comes along that we planned for, (or not) like a new addition to your family or your family outgrowing the space you have provided for them, or maybe you just want to reward yourself with a place to spend some leisurely time like a den, an outdoor deck, or a family or TV room. But you like the neighborhood that you are in and don't want to move to a brand new place. At Welch's Quality Builders and Roofing we can solve your dilemma with a room addition to your present place.

Room Additions

A room addition keeps you right where you are with the added space to accompany a growing family or a place where you can relax, work or play. Perhaps you have always wanted a “mancave,” or a spot to do woodworking, or the lady of the house wishes for a place where she can get away and pursue a hobby. Maybe you can see yourself relaxing in the evening hours on a new deck. It often is the best of both worlds. You can have the house that your family needs now without having to move out of the neighborhood that you like or having to deal with all the hassles of buying a new home and selling your present one.

One of our specialties is the construction of home additions, such as porches, patios, decks, new rooms and occasionally garages. We have decades of experience in construction and hold licenses for plumbing and electricity. The work can be customized to the client’s exact needs and will add value to the property.

The same goes for commercial property. You don't have to leave a location that has been good for your business, even though your business has expanded and it is too small for your present needs. An addition to the present site would be just what you need. Welch's is the one to call for room additions.

We bring the same quality and excellent workmanship to a room addition as we do every project. We are proud of that.

Home Additions & Remodeling



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